08/26/05: Received some of those Listen decks that everybody is talking about. Also, keep an eye out for the Listen autograph session here at the park Sept 17th. All the main riders and friends will be showing up.


08/24/05: Come check out the park, we are stocked with new product. Here are some of the Habitat, Alien workshop, and Plan B boards.


08/24/05: Calling all old skaters that like the old school shapes with the new school pop! Check out these blanks


08/04/05: Want a DVD of yourself skating? These guys can make that happen: www.mediaextremeusa.com


08/04/05: Check out some of our latest summer camp pics; July Summer camp


07/15/05: The Kayo Corp (DGK, Organika, Expedition) will have a new video coming out soon and we will be hosting a vid premiere for it. We'll post more details when the time comes


07/14/05: We have a new program here that you can put money into an "Account" so you don't have to carry excess change/money in yo pocket. After depositing money into your "Account", just let us know what you want and we take it off your "Account".


07/10/05: Well we jumped on the information super highway bandwagon and got a myspace account www.myspace.com/orlandoskatepark

click on over and say whats up


6/27/05: Where's all the girl skaters??? In our efforts to get more females involved in the sport, we decided to let girls skate for FREE whenever they'd like.


6/20/05: Put up some pics of our 1st week of summer Skate-camp.


6/20/05: National Go Skateboard day is tomorrow the 21st. We will be having an all day sale on some items in the shop. Also, it is only going to be $6.00 to skate all day. Come on by and say what's up or at least quit playing your PS2 and Go Skateboard.


6/9/05: Got some new DGK, Flip, & Zoo York boards in. Check em' out


5/30/05: A local we know put together a nice website featuring some of the souths best skating and some nice art also. Check it out at www.southskate.com


5/27/05: Finally!!! The ORLANDO SKATE PARK shirts have arrived. Get yours today for only $15.00. We also got some O.S.P. stickers.


5/12/05: Public schools last day is May 27th. Which also happens to be the start of Memorial day weekend. So, why not have an all day Schools out / Memorial day S-K-A-T-E Jam with live music, food and games of  S-K-A-T-E??? Sounds like a good idea to me. Flier 1 | Flier 2


5/02/05: Anybody that is under 18 and wants to enter the Lords of Dogtown contest on May 7th needs a special waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian. Click here for waiver


4/20/05: Here is a little bit more info about the contest on May 7th.


4/14/05: Started putting some of the product we carry here in the shop online. Check it out some of the products


3/29/05: We will be having some pre-events at the skatepark prior to the Dew Action Sports tour with autograph signings and more. Keep checking back


3/12/05: Its far off, but keep an eye on this website: www.dewactionsportstour.com


3/1/05: The guestbook is back up and running. But, the FCC will be monitoring it 24/7 so make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions.


2/24/05: Got the update from Transworld, May 7th will be the date for the 13 & older contest.


2/18/05: Sometime in May, Transworld media is going to be holding a competition here and the winner will have a chance to be a superstar on MTV. check back for more info


2/16/05: HTTP protocol, DNS Servers, Proxy settings, and 1 jigabyte of concrete!!! What does all this mean??? I don't know. But i do know you can connect to the internet with your laptop here at the skate park. Ask your geeky skate park employee for more details.


1/26/05: Check out these suave new S-One helmets we just got in. They are going for the nice price of only $29.95


1/14/05: Not too long ago, we got the "OK" to allow 18 and up to wear just the helmet and have the other pads optional. Just a little F.Y.I.


12/13/04: The King of Crete went down on Saturday with lots of new faces and some old ones also. Here goes some pics from the day


12/7/04: After hours and hours of back breaking work, sweaty shirts, and eyes full of saw dust, here are a few new obstacles at the park.


11/22/04: Worked on the fun box over the weekend. Here are a few pics so far. Its not all the way done yet, but will be after turkey day.


11/4/04: Alright, we need some opinions here. We are going to build some new street style obstacles but first wanted to see what you think.

Update: Check out the new ramp


11/2/04: Ever been at the skate park and realize you are starving and all they have is candy and chips??? Well check out our new concession items.


10/31/04: The University S & S Halloween jam went off with lots of tricks and great treats. Pics of the night will be up soon


10/12/04: Got a little footy of a skate park local. Billy Palumbo doesn't land it on film, but he did land it. Vid1 Vid2

10/08/04: Awwwwww yeaaaaa, got some new decks in today. Also received new trucks, wheels, and bearings.

10/06/04: Been working on a new site, still has the same boring stuff, but with a different look.

09/20/04: Shazaam!!! I think thats what they say when something tight happens. Talking about the Surf Expo Concrete Wave party here at the park Saturday night. Pics

09/16/04: Everything is still in line for this weekend. We will take pics of the Surf Expo to show you what its all about.

09/6/04: Looks like the skate park survived another storm. We are going to try and be open on Tuesday at 11am. Call first.

08/31/04: Hurricane Frances huh? That bites.

08/25/04: Yo, we've got some big plans for the Saturday night of the Surf Expo weekend (Sept. 18th). Just to give you a hint: Zoo York, Element, and Hawk shoes said they would like to come out and skate. Check back soon for more details.

08/20/04: Starting this Friday & Saturday, we will be open till 11pm. What else do you have to do???

08/16/04: We are open here at the park. Just watch out for the trees in the road on the way here.

07/17/04: 3 games of S-K-A-T-E??? Staying open till midnight??? This is crazy!

07/03/04: The FCSA BBQ Kick off party happened on Saturday. Thanks for everyone that came out and thanks to FCSA for putting it all together.

06/26/04: Got some new boards in, check em out. Also got a lot of new trucks, wheels, bearings and other goods.

06/16/04: The Bootleg demo was cancelled due to the afternoon showers that are an everyday nuisance here at the park.

05/30/04: The contest was tight. Results

05/24/04:  The quarter pipe is up and ready to skate.

05/20/04: Just got word that the Bootleg demo is a go! Hopefully this time everything will go smoothly!

05/14/04: Anybody that knows how this happened, let us know & you will be rewarded.